M-Cord, Charger Evolved

Sleek Design | One Hand Use | Interchangeable Heads | Durable Materials | Faster Charge | Indication Light | Longer and Stronger Cord 

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One cable for all devices

M-CORD is an all-new, sync and charge cross-device magnetic cable that changes the game with strong, tangle-free military grade nylon that works well with virtually any device and never breaks. It even features a reversible magnetic connection that connects – instantly – every single time. Wave good-bye forever to fumbling with chargers and cords. It comes with three magnetic tips that can turn the open end into a USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB cable. 

So go ahead and get your M-CORD.This helps us to create more cool & exciting products.

  • Compatible to all mobile devices

    Cross - device compatibility means one cable for all your mobile devices

  • Soft Nylon braided for durability of the cable.

    Most cables will break due to pulling on the cord too hard or for too long, causing the plastic to tear. The nylon we use is the solution to that problem. Plus, it looks better.

  • One Hand Use

    Magnetic USB cables means Quick & simple connection by using only a single hand.

Buy M-CORD | Magnetic Usb charging cable

Rs. 679.00

Rs. 1,099.00

Buy M-Cube

Rs. 1,099.00

Rs. 1,399.00

Buy M-Wave MW-300 || Wireless Headphone With Touch Controls

Rs. 3,599.00

Rs. 6,999.00

Buy M-Set BassBuds MBTX1 | Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Bass Boosted | IPX4 Sweat Proof

Rs. 1,599.00

Rs. 3,999.00


Will the magnet interfere with the phones function?

For all you oldies who still thinks magnets will affect your phones function, mobile phones use SSD (solid state drives) which aren't affected by small magnets like ours. In fact your phone itself has over half a dozen magnets inside it to power features such as your speakers. The magnets will also have no impact on your GPS, we've clocked over 100 hours both driving and playing Pokemon Go (not whilst driving of course) and can verify this with personal experience.

How strong is the magnetic connection?

We've designed M-CORD to be strongest magnetic cable on the market, strong enough to lift 400g and even lift an iPad Air!

Is it easy to remove the tip from the phone?

The tip will stay in place from any general daily use even if the phone is dropped, yet it can be easily removed with just your fingers when needed.

Does M-CORD support data transfer for Apple and Android devices?

Yes, this also includes tethering.

What makes the charger so durable?

Made with High-end zinc alloy and nylon, the M-cord has a 'pull and plug' lifetime of 10,000 which is 3 times longer than the normal charger.