How do I know that I have successfully placed my order?

If your order has been placed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't see it, check your Spam or Promotions folder.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped using our Standard shipping methods once the order is confirmed.

  • All Major Cities: Standard (2-4 business days after processing)
  • Others: (4-7 business days after processing)



Will the magnet interfere with the phones function?

For all you oldies who still think magnets will affect the function of your phone, mobile phones use SSD (solid state drives) which aren't affected by small magnets like ours. In fact, your phone itself has over half a dozen magnets inside it to power features such as your speakers. The magnets will also have no impact on your GPS, we've clocked over 100 hours both driving and playing Pokemon Go (not whilst driving of course) and can verify this with personal experience.

How strong is the magnetic connection?

We've designed M-CORD to be the strongest magnetic cable on the market, strong enough to lift 400g and even lift an iPad Air!

Is it easy to remove the tip from the phone?

The tip will stay in place from any general daily use even if the phone is dropped, yet it can be easily removed with just your fingers when needed.

What is the length of the cable that comes with the cable set?

The length of all M-CORD cables is 1m.

Does M-CORD support data transfer for Apple and Android devices?

Yes, this also includes tethering.

Does M-CORD come with a warranty?

Yes, all M-CORD will come with an international 365-day warranty.


Is M-CORD compatible with all USB devices?

M-CORD is compatible with all USB devices for charge and data sync. However it is not compatible with any audio functions such as your Lightning headphones, speakers or Apple Play.

Can I connect a Micro USB cable with an I-phone tip or vice versa?

Yes, the most unique function of M-CORD is that it is cross-device compatible. This means a cable designed for Apple will work with a micro USB tip and vice versa.




If you have a factory defect, please email the Customer Happiness Team on hello@m-cord.com to arrange an assessment and replacement if deemed defective.


Please note all sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be permitted for products where you have simply changed your mind. This includes situations where you have purchased cables for the wrong device. 




We ship all over India for a free. Orders will be dispatched using a tracked courier service and delivered to your door step


Orders are processed within 1 business days and you will receive a tracking number within 2 business days*.

* There there may be an extended delay in delivery time during public holidays and holiday seasons.

Delivery generally takes around 3-5 days to reach it's destination. For remote destinations, it can take an additional 1-2 days longer.

If you have any questions please email the Customer Happiness Team on hello@m-cord.com or just click here and we will respond within 48 business hours